Preparing to relocate

You’re likely to experience a whole range of emotions throughout the relocation process - from excitement to trepidation and nervousness. The more that you’re able to rationally plan ahead, anticipate and know what to expect, the more likely your relocation will be a successful and enjoyable experience.

If you use the IT3Sixty Recruitment service and secure a new job in Northern Ireland this will give you income right away and your new co-workers will help you get settled in. Your new employer’s human resources department will be able to answer any questions and they may also be able to provide relocation assistance or tips regarding obtaining a National Insurance number if you do not have one, housing, finance, transportation, social activities and more.

EU Nationals must provide documentary evidence of their right to live and work in the United Kingdom. Acceptable documents include Passport, National Identity Card or Residence permit.




Some of the things you will need to arrange in preparation for your move here will be:


* Check that your passport is valid


* If you are bringing family with you make sure they all have up to date passports


* Check that your driving licence is valid


* Make travel arrangements to get to Northern Ireland


* Make accommodation arrangements


* Arrange to have your mail re-directed


* Check if your mobile phone needs unlocked as you may need a new SIM card


* Arrange packing and transportation of large personal or household items


* Make childcare/school arrangements, if you are bringing your family


* Get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for yourself and other family members


* Open a UK bank account


* Get some currency - £ Sterling


* Brush up on the English if it's not your first langauge. Click here for some of the best reference material for you and family.

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