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IT3Sixty represent a government backed community of leading IT employers in Northern Ireland.

We have joined forces to help sustain the current boom in our technology sector by increasing the talent pool of new IT professionals working here. One of our initiatives is to attract the best and brightest talent and for this we have created a programme of activity reaching out to IT professionals to make them aware of the great job opportunities and the associated lifesyle available here.

Even for an IT Professional finding and applying for a new job can be time consuming and difficult, particularly if you are not familiar with Northern Ireland and the organisations that offer the best opportunities.

The IT3Sixty website has information about the IT Sector here, our region, the people, places, local services and facilities.  Signing up with IT3Sixty provides access to our portal which has up to date information on current vacancies for IT Professionals; when you register your details with IT3Sixty we will work with you to help you find your perfect job.