Overview of TotalMobile Limited

A New Kind of Technology Company

We are driven by our desire to create amazing user experiences for every individual who interacts with our products. We start with the front line staff and work back from there. That way, people find it easy and enjoyable to use TotalMobile from day one, instead of fighting against something new, alien or counterintuitive.

Our Culture

Although we are at the cutting edge of technology, our culture is all about people – our staff, our customers and our partners. At TotalMobile, we particularly value the following six attributes in our colleagues. In other words, we hire and promote people who demonstrate them. 


There is no hiding from this. The more talent we have, the more we can accomplish. What we do is difficult so we need our people to be smart and we set the bar high. We need clever people who relish working with other clever people. It’s the only way to grow.

High Standards

We want people who care about their work – prepared to go that extra mile to delight the user. Sometimes this means working harder to get a job done, but we need people who care – people who get upset when things go awry and are determined to get things back on track.

Team Attitude

We favour the team’s success over the individual’s triumph because when the team wins, everyone wins. So it’s important that we help each other to be great. We recruit people who understand this, knowing that together we can accomplish great work.


We employ smart people so we can learn from them. If you work here you can influence how we do things from the beginning. We like people who listen – who are curious. They are the ones who understand complex issues first. And they’re usually the people who do things a little better each time.  

Have Fun

We enjoy work. We play a bit too. Most of us have made friends for life while working here. The atmosphere is relaxed and open, the structure is flat with opportunities for anyone motivated to deliver real excellence.


Passion is about focusing on great results rather than process. Our goal is about making worklife easier and more enjoyable for our users. All our employees share a passion for creating and delivering great products that make a real difference to our customers.